Trailblazer for traffic since 1948

Cleanosol brings clarity to this complicated world. We make visible and durable road markings that make driving, working and living effortless and safe. We work with great expertise which brings us courage and reliability to try new things.


Cleanosol Oy has bought Oy Elfving Ab’s road marking business

Cleanosol Oy has bought the whole road marking business of Elfving’s subsidiary Signum, including the thermoplastic factory. It is a business transaction, and not a stock transaction. The business transfer has been made on 28.4.2023. The purchase price will not be published.

 All the employees of Elfving Signum will be transferred to Cleanosol Oy, and therefore Cleanosol Oy now has approximately 50 employees. 

DecoMarks – decorative and colorful markings

We make DecoMarks that you wish to have. DecoMarks make boring asphalt areas such as courtyards, school yards, playgrounds and other common areas more fun and interesting. We have a vast collection of colors and coating materials available. Our Danish partner started this service and we brought it to Finland. We have marked for example playgrounds, school yards, parking lots and even entire residential blocks. DecoMarks opens new opportunities to architects, landscape architects and other artists which want to use their creativity more extensively, let alone the joy DecoMarks offer to those who use the marked areas daily.

Durable road markings

We make road markings everywhere traffic needs to be guided such as roads, streets, airports, harbors and parking lots. We accept all different kinds of projects from shorter unit priced works to multi-year service type contracts. With great technique, versatile equipment, suitable materials and strong expertise we carry out the work with great quality and efficiently – that is our strength.

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Road safety

Road safety

It’s a dark and rainy fall evening and you are driving. Visibility is poor and road markings are barely visible. A car is driving towards you but there’s no road markings guiding you – you can just hope that the only thing happening will be you getting scared.

Traffic accidents are a serious problem that are causing huge expenses in addition to personal suffering. We have set a goal for us to increase traffic safety and significantly decrease the number of accidents.

Even though everyone is responsible on how safely they drive and act in traffic. The clarity and risk-free surroundings have a remarkable role as well. Good road markings help us to drive safely.

We improve traffic safety on roads

Road markings are a part of traffic safety. Markings that are made properly improve safety and can save lives. Good quality markings are visible even in difficult circumstances and have an impact on behavior of drivers. We work together with different officials to improve road safety.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction

We did a surveillance on customer satisfaction with Innolink Research Oy in fall of 2017.

100% of the customers who took part in the surveillance would recommend or had already recommended us. 90% of our customers knew their contact person and 95% of them thought there was enough communication between them. 30% of the customers thought our business has evolved in its operation, 45% thought it has stayed the same, 25% couldn’t say and nobody thought it has decreased.

Environment and quality

Environment and quality

We want to leave as small footprint into our environment as possible. We strive to act in a way that we cause as little damage to nature as possible. We have clear environmental goals and detailed action program we use to develop environmental friendly materials and work methods.

The material factories we use are ISO 141001:2000 certified. We have started to use water-soluble road marking paint and thermoplastic hot mass because those are more environmental-friendly. We are regularly measuring melting fumes while doing new markings and removal milling. Measuring values have stayed distinctly below allowed limits.

Quality guides everything we do

We have set us high quality restrictions. Because of this we have clear routines with which we ensure quality in everything we do.

For example

Cleanosol is a RALA certified company. We are part of Finnish Tilaajavastuu Luotettava kumppani -program. We are also a part of Infra ry. We optimize purchases from quality and environmental point of views. We constantly follow our action to improve our products and services. The materials and contract work we use, meets with our high standards.


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